Our goal at Huckleberry is to build the #1 family wellbeing brand. Our first product improves children’s sleep, considered to be the top challenge for new parents, by combining AI with human experts to determine the most personalized, effective steps for each individual family, without the price tag of an expensive consultation.

The team includes Berkeley Ph.D.s in computer science and predictive analytics, a sleep researcher with 10 years at Harvard Medical School, and experienced pediatric sleep professionals trained in evidence-based practices. We are growing quickly and will be expanding beyond sleep this year.

The Huckleberry app has 4.9/5.0 stars on the app store, with excellent engagement and strong word-of-mouth growth. Parents just wish they had heard about Huckleberry sooner. We are looking for a Senior Backend Developer to continue developing our apps and server infrastructure to deliver new products and services.

This is a role that requires strong technical skills, an eye for detail, experience delivering high-quality digital products to millions of users, and an ability to drive projects forward. Join Huckleberry to be a key player in improving the day-to-day lives of families around the world.

Areas of responsibility

  • Build and maintain API’s and services that supports our apps and internal tools
  • Cloud server infrastructure development and management
  • Database management
  • Build server to server integrations with various providers
  • Sprint planning and execution


  • At least 3 years of nodeJS/Python backend development
  • Experience with Google Cloud microservices
  • Experience with Firebase/Firestore
  • Experience building integrations with 3rd party services for messaging, attribution, payments, and analytics
  • Built and maintained a scalable database infrastructure supporting millions of concurrent app users with seamless offline to online experience
  • Proactive, willing to try new things, and gets things done in a startup environment
  • A passion for children and family wellness, with the understanding that every family is different, and one size does not fit all